Blink an LED with a Raspberry Pi Pico

Description: A Raspberry Pi Pico blinks an LED ON/OFF every second.

Blink an LED with a Raspberry Pi Pico

Notes: If the Raspberry Pi Pico does not show itself on a Port in the Arduino IDE, disconnect the cable from the computer. Then hold down the reset button and reconnect the cable while still holding down the reset button. Then after a few seconds, let go of the reset button, wait a few more seconds. Disconnect the Raspberry Pi Pico again, then connect without holding down the reset button, and check if it shows itself in the Arduino IDE port. Usually, it will show itself after the first or second attempt.


1 –  Breadboard 400 Points
1 – Raspberry Pi Pico
1 – LED
1 – 220 Ohm Resistor

Arduino Code:

#define led 12

void setup() {

  pinMode(led, OUTPUT);


void loop() {

 digitalWrite(led, HIGH);
 digitalWrite(led, LOW);


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